Strategy Analysis

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Facebook Dating is a business unit within Facebook that first launched in September 2019 in the USA market and October 2020 in the UK & European markets [1]. It was launched as a feature within the Facebook already pre-existing application and competes within the online dating market.

The online dating…


1. Introduction

The use of analytics in predicting real estate prices has become a very popular approach in recent years. Entrepreneurs, real estate companies as well as investors are discovering the benefits behind using predictive analytics in making more informed decisions.

In this report, the business problem we will be focusing on…


1. Introduction

In this report, we will be exploring the ratings of TV shows across different online platforms through an extensive EDA.

The source of the dataset tv_shows.csv is Kaggle [2]. This data has 5611 entries, 10 features and analyses TV shows over 4 different platforms. The data was originally sourced from…

Data Science project by Rosa Caminal Diaz and Serge Naufal


1. Aim

The aim of this study is to evaluate the performance of different classifiers when applied to predict the diagnosis of diabetes on Pima Indians. …

Strategic Case analysis on Spotify


Overview of Spotify

Since 1877 [1] people have been able to not only listen to music from the comfort of their homes but more importantly buy and sell music. …

December 2017


1. What is the NHS?

In this report we will explore the impact data analytics could have in the healthcare industry, how can this affect and benefit the NHS and therefore all of its patients.

The NHS is the public universal healthcare system currently operating in England. It was launched in 1948 and…

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1. Business Problem

The chosen problem is one that affects a range of businesses when trying to personalise and specialise their marketing strategy to their customers, in order to have a deeper insight on their activities and predict how new ones will behave.

Customer segmentation is the subdivision of the market (customers) into…

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The Problem

The Portuguese Student dataset (student-mat.csv & student-por.csv) we will be using for the report focuses on analysing high school students and how external and demographic factors affect their Mathematics and Portuguese end of year grades.

The business problem we will be focusing on is on what schools can do to…

Rosa Caminal

MSci Management Science with Artificial Intelligence student at UCL. Currently on my last year completing a masters concentration in Business Analytics.

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